Welcome to Miss T’s disciplinary pleasure palace.

Miss T is a pro Domme with a long and illustrious history providing correction and discipline for the wayward and wanton of the Stockport area.


Amongst the depraved and despicable acts she enjoys inflicting on the worthless of her home town are.


  • Foot Worship  – A full session on your knees where you belong. Admire Miss Tilly’s extensive range of exciting footwear, something to fulfil every kinky desire. If you dare, you may ask Miss Tilly to accept your gift of a particular pair of shoes or boots (Size x shoe and size y boot).
  • Discipline – You’ve been a bad boy! Miss Tilly knows just how to make sure you behave better in future. You will explain yourself and throw yourself on her mercy, but like all the best Mistresses, Miss T will remember your promises to be good and will not look favourably on liars.
  • CBT – If you get paid to do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. Make  miss T’s day and roll the dice.
  • Vac bed – Completely immobile and at her mercy. How will you please Mistress Tilly?
  • Needles – Life at the sharp end. Pretty patterns pricked precisely in your willing flesh.
  • Electro play – Up the voltage and see the pleasure in Miss T’s eyes. How much do you want to please her? Not good enough! try again and this time… don’t flinch.


Her personal pleasure palace is situated not far from the main A6 and is easily accessible by both private or public transport.